Who is eligible for a business loan?

Business loans are granted to the candidates who are planning to commence their business or planning to invest some amount in their existing business. It also involved paying certain expenses such as purchasing goods or paying salaries or wages to the employees or workers, etc. Individual authorized financial institutions lend these business loans at different interest rates, entirely contingent upon the offers and policies available. Therefore, the interested client should have complete knowledge regarding financial risks and various loan policies.

These are points that are required to fulfill by the borrower while applying for a business loan:

  1. Minimum duration: The client should be having a minimum experience of 3 years before applying for a business loan. The lending company does not want to risk their funds by granting them to an inexperienced and fresher candidate in the field of operating any business activities.
  2. Age criteria: The age of the client should be more than 25 for availing a business loan as an adult would be easily able to make the repayment of the loan amount. But this age is limited to 55 years.
  3. Credit score: A good credit or CIBIL score is needed to fulfill specific business loans requirement. Seven hundred fifty rates are sufficient to get the loan granted in your favor. Still, it is said that clients with a credit score of 900 are preferred while lending business loans due to their high chances of paying the interest amounts on time and the repayment of the principal amount of the respected loan.
  4. Registration: If your pre-existing business has not been registered, then it would be nearly impossible for you to take advantage of business loan facilities. Hence, it is recommended to apply for the registration process before applying for the loan. The loan application might be rejected in case of no certification of necessary documents.



Who is assumed as qualified for a business loan?

Any financial entity, self-employed person, non-professional person, and many other people can easily apply for a business loan, either for a small scale business or large scale. A good credit score for availing business loans from banks is known to be at least 750. The more your credit score is, the more it is easier for you to get the loan. The chances of availing loan increases for the persons having a good credit score as it shows the creditworthiness of the respected candidate.